How to Learn HTML and Css Fast Web Design Tutorial in Urdu

HTML is the publishing language of the World Wide Web. To begin with learn the basics of HTML, after that, look at the resources and assignments to keep the learning process moving.

With HTML you can create your own Web site. HTML is easy to learn. Learning a new skill is often scary at first; knowing where to start, who to listen to, what to ignore. It can be a difficult process to get moving.

That is what this post is for. It will help you plan out what to learn and in what order, hopefully making what seems like a big hurdle much lower, keeping you interested and encouraging you to carry on learning.

How to Learn HTML and Css Fast Web Design Tutorial in Urdu

How to Learn HTML and Css Fast Web Design Tutorial in Urdu

Steps to learn HTML:

  • Start with a beginner course.
  • Choose a code editor.
  • Now test yourself and build something of your own, following tutorials.
  • It is important you learn where to use which elements.
  • You can take help from a book too.
  • Be a member of any HTML Web Designers’ community. There you can find solutions to your problems. Because someone else have also encountered the problem before you and he/she knows the solution.

C.S.S. stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS works hand in hand with HTML; HTML sorts out the page structure, CSS makes it look pretty and adds subtle levels of interaction.

Steps to learn CSS:

  • Learn a beginner course
  • Style something several times
  • Figure out browser support

There is no question that with skills like HTML and CSS under your belt, you will be a much better web designer. Keep visiting this site for more interesting information.

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