How to Earn Money with at Home Tips/Trick Step by Step Guide

Fiverr is the leading marketplace for services starting at just $5. Lots of people buy and sell services (and also products) everyday through Fiverr. These services can be video creation, logo designing, web designing, web development, filming, SEO, writing, selling tools, offering consultancy, modeling etc etc. These services are called GiGs.

It is very simple. You just need to make your profile on, which is free. Right after that you can start selling your services starting at $5. was created in 2010 and till now it has offered 1.5 million services offered by thousands of free lancers.

How to Earn Money with at Home Tips/Trick Step by Step Guide

How to Earn Money with at Home Tips/Trick Step by Step Guide

Tips to successfully earn at

  • Create an attractive profile. You can take help by looking at the profiles of the most successful free lancers at
  • Give an attractive title to your GiG, classify it under a category or a sub category.
  • Add a description to your GiG describing it fully. The description of 300 words is good enough.
  • Add a few tags to your GiG. Tags are very important so use relevant tags.
  • If it is your first GiG. Post it for free. If people start downloading it, create another similar GiG and now start selling your services.

There are different levels at if your GiG gets 10 0rders, you are promoted to level 1 seller. When the orders reach 50, you are then promoted to level 2. When you get 100 orders for your GiGs, you are then promoted to Top Level Seller.

Your GiGs then reach the home page of, and are also included in the search bar. This can get you many orders very quickly. So if you want to earn at home, is the best option.

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  1. hello brother, you explained very well about fiverr, i just want to ask that, the person i do work for him? when will he give me money? In advance or after finishing the order?

    And if he do not give me in advance then how will I sure about this that he will pay me? Is there any rule on fiverr for this?

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